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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by
providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of
technical problems.

Our intimate knowledge of the many processes that occur in the brush chamber of a rotating
machine means we can preemptively identify faults, even when they are not actually
confined to the brush chamber. The carbon chamber often displays the early symptoms of
issues elsewhere in the machine, and we recognise and analyse these symptoms so that they
can be resolved before becoming major problems. We understand the implications for you of 
a costly, unscheduled shutdown due to an unexpected motor failure; we have the knowledge,
experience and technical qualifications to help prevent this from occurring.

We apply our engineering expertise to interpret and troubleshoot the cause of the problem
and offer an innovative design solution that is customised to your specific needs. Our
aptitude for addressing issues before they become critical or catastrophic ultimately results in
cost savings, improved productivity, reduced downtime and a greatly minimised risk of
unplanned breakdowns.

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