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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by
providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of
technical problems.

At Cortela Carbon, we are committed to making it right. We understand the
technical complexities of the brushed area of the machine, and when problems arise we will
work with you until they are resolved.

We use only the finest carbon materials available; the Ringsdorff and SGL Carbon grades
are the world's most sought after, and we use these as the basis for our products. All of our
products are traceable, and can be reproduced exactly, to ensure we can provide you with a
consistent product no matter when you order it.

We understand that time is of the essence when a breakdown occurs, and react positively
when you need it most. If necessary, we can deliver brushes within hours and holders
within three days.

Our products are produced with in-line testing and monitoring according to DIN standards,
ensuring a consistent and reliable product that is free of manufacturing defects. All orders are
inspected before they are shipped to make sure every component is of the highest possible
quality. If a quality problem does arise, we will provide a replacement with utmost urgency.

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