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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by providing
valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of technical problems.

Taking their name from the original brushes which were made from soft wire bristles bundled
closely together,modern carbon brushes have developed into the sophisticated, engineered
products we know today.

Carbon brushes are made from a variety of grades of carbon, which have been specifically
developed to suit the different applications in which brushes are used. They play a critical
role in maintaining the optimum performance of brushed motors, and are designed technically
and specifically to ensure effective slip ring and commutator condition is maintained.
A variety of accessories can also be incorporated into the design and manufacture of a carbon
brush,which are designed to improve the effectiveness of the brush and its impact on the
operation of the motor. 

At Cortela Carbon, our carbon brush order form asks for particular motor or
generator details in addition to brush dimensions. These details will assist our technical
staff in selecting the carbon grade most appropriate to the application.

At Cortela Carbon, the grades we use can be classified as follows:
Electro graphite
Carbon graphite
Metal graphite
Impregnated graphite

For a full listing of grades, see our Grade Chart.
Industries and applications serviced by Cortela Carbon include the following:
FHP (fractional horse power)
Power tools
Tachos and data transfer
Paper manufacture
Plastics extrusion
Steel Mills
Golf carts
OHV (off highway vehicles)

Brush accessories that can be incorporated and built into the design of a brush include the following:
Wear sensors
Wear indicators
SRB (Surface Rounding Brush)
SCB (Surface Cleaning Brush)
SGB (Surface Grinding Block)


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