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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by
providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of
technical problems.

Cortela Carbon is recognised Australia-wide as the only local manufacturer of quality
aftermarket brush holders made to the appropriate IEC and NEMA standards. Our reputation for
being able to solve the most difficult of brush holder problems is well earned. We are specialists
in the design of constant force brush holders which enables us, in some cases, to achieve better
results than those brushes initially designed for and installed in the machine.

Brush holders do not simply 'hold a brush'. These critical motor and generator components must
provide accurate clearances for the brush, be mounted properly and accurately at the correct 
distance from the slip ring or commutator, and must allow free movement of the brush and spring
installed. Brush holders are another highly technical and engineered product critical to machine
performance. We understand the importance of "making it right' so your asset performs to its

Cortela Carbon also supplies a range of OEM brush holders for Mining, Traction, Transit
and Industrial applications. Vintage or obsolete brush holders are easily reproduced by our
skilled machinists and tool makers.

Send us your sample and we can make an exact replacement - or better still, we can redesign a
modern replacement that will provide many more years of service.

Styles of brush holders we manufacture include:
Spark Plug
Double arm
Single arm
DC Commutator

Services we offer include:
Brush holder refurbishments
Brush holder redesign
Obsolete replacement

We also stock a range of brush holders to suit the following manufacturers:
Crompton Parkinson

For more information on specific brush holders please refer to our Literature page.

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