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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by
providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of
technical problems.

Cortela Carbon supplies a range of renewal spares for the repair of DC motors
and generators. Whatever your motor or generator brand and model, let us know what you
need and we will be happy to quote.

Spares for brand names such as GE, Westinghouse, P&H, Reliance, and many more are

Let us know the motor or generator brand and model number, and even the part number of
the item required if you have it - and we will provide a quotation as soon as possible.

Products we can offer include:
• Field coils and poles
• Commutating field coils
• Armature coils
• Commutators
• Armatures
• Equalisers
• Brush holder arms
• Rocker rings
• Spring clips
• Brush holders

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