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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by
providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of
technical problems.

Cortela Carbon provides technical products across a range of industries. Consequently,
we take seriously our responsibility to ensure relevant product information and literature is

Cortela Carbon promotes technical training courses and seminars where our
product application information is delivered. These courses are delivered on-site and are not
designed to teach your staff about the operation or performance of site-specific machinery, but
are more aligned to the specific technical application and performance of the products we supply
to you. Whilst one-on-one information-sharing is constanUy being delivered whenever we visit your
site, we recognise that tailored courses presented in a structured classroom environment are

Questions that we are commonly asked by customers include:
   -  Why are there different grades of carbon?
   -  What causes bar burning on commutators? and 
   -  What spring force should be applied to brushes?

We regularly facilitate or present courses on the following topics :
Carbon Brushes
• Brush Holders
• Spring Force
• Mechanical Carbon
• Slip Rings
• Maintenance Products
• Diagnostic Tools
• Terminal Blocks

If you or any of your staff have asked questions such as these recently, we would be happy to work
with you in preparing specific training courses tailored to meet your particular requirements.

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