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Cortela Carbon connects you with practical solutions by providing valuable insight into product selection and the diagnosis of technical problems.

Cortela Carbon proudly comprises the most experienced and qualified technicians in the  carbon field within Australia - and potentially around the world. Supported by international carbon suppliers through our connections with the E-Carbon Network, we have over 300 combined years of experience, and access to the technical resources globally within that network.

Our field technicians and technical management team are well trained and experienced to diagnose the probable causes of any performance concerns with your brushed machines. The problems that you may find difficult to identify may be familiar to us through
previous exposure, or it may be a hard to diagnose problem that we can identify through a technical process of elimination. Let us work with you to get the best from your assets.

These professional consultancy services can include restoration works at site depending on the nature and extent of that work.

Services we have delivered in the past:

• Specialist Inspection
• On site problem diagnosis
• Problem solving
• Fault Finding
• Restoration work
• Technical reports
• Competitive rates

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