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International Connections

Cortela Carbon's strength is based on its strong regional capability, together with the support it receives from the worldwide resources of its commercial partners. Knowledge and experience from all around the world can be accessed promptly, and applied locally to a customer's needs.

Cortela Carbon’s international connections also extend to the supply of commutator products through its partnership with ICC International. Under this partnership, Cortela Carbon is the Australasian and South East Asian distributor for ICC International, providing supply and market support for commutators and GE mining motor parts.

The partnership provides Cortela Carbon’s customers access to the engineering capabilities and industry knowledge of ICC International, and adds to Cortela Carbon’s existing product range of slip rings, brush holders, brush gear and carbon brushes.

Further information can be accessed from the ICC International Website

Proven Brush Grades
The foundation of successful carbon brush performance and reliability lies in the grade of the brush. Cortela Carbon has the advantage of having one of the largest ranges of carbon grades in the region, and many of which are exclusive to us.

Importantly, our suppliers, some of which are set out below, are industry leaders in the manufacture of carbon grades. This means reliability each and every time for our customers.

PanTrac GmbH Germany
PanTrac supplies the highly respected and sought-after grades from Ringsdorff SGL Carbon, a leading carbon supplier for almost a century.

Helwig Carbon Products Inc. USA
Helwig supplies grades from its original plant in St Mary's, Pennsylvania- the same plant that has been supplying carbon materials for over 100 years. Speer Carbon, Carbon and Graphite, and SGL Electrical Grades are all brands under which are now available.

Gerken Europe Belgium
Gerken supplies grades from both Pantrac in Germany, together with grades developed and manufactured locally for the transportation and industrial applications industries.

Brush Holders and Slip Rings

A wide range of locally designed and manufactured brush holders and slip rings are in service all over the local region. These brush holders and slip rings may have directly replaced OEM products, or they may have been re-engineered to improve operational outcomes. Our vast experience and knowledge of brushed machines means more options for our customers; and our qualified technicians ensure product quality and machine performance is not compromised.

Design and Engineering Capability

Designing purpose-built products and re-engineering existing products for improved performance and reliability requires experience, engineering innovation and a versatile manufacturing capability. Cortela Carbon has all of this and more.

An understanding of the electrical and mechanical demands together with our extensive experience in manufacturing, 3D modelling and engineering technology are fundamental to our ability to deliver state-of-the-art, bespoke solutions.

Production Capability

CNC lathes, milling machines and EDM wire cutting machines are at the heart of our ability to custom design and manufacture innovative products that deliver solutions and benefits to our customers.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and additional conventional machinery is operated by experienced and skilled tradespersons. This is central to our ability to undertake timely repairs and refurbishment work for our customers' equipment, which can be vital to the operation of their businesses.

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